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Project Outcomes

Synthesizing the observations from the individual markets, we created an Insights and Design Principles Report to guide the product engineering team.  A few examples of the insights uncovered and design principles derived follow.

Dry eye is a non-medicalized condition with an awareness issue

Those with glaucoma navigate fear and uncertainties without tangible feedback


Presbyopia involves a difficult journey of accepting one's mortality


Issues with shape, size, and usability are barriers to adherence


Design Principles

Fit into people's day to day life and activities

The device should fit into people’s day-to-day routines in a non-interuptive manner and accommodate the various social contexts, places, and spaces they find themselves in.

Provide care beyond symptom relief 

The experience should foster self-management efficacy to balance short term symptom relief with long term eye health. The device should support long term behavior change along with day to day support.


Guide peoples' treatment journeys
The experience should support the patient’s care journey from the moment of diagnosis in the ECP’s office or moments of self-diagnosis, to purchase decision making in the pharmacy, first-time use at home, and continued use in different contexts.


Extend the existing medical ecosystem

The device should integrate with other medications, vision correction solutions, digital technologies, and platforms,

and relationships with eye care professionals instead of adding additional disparate elements to an already fragmented care experience.


Facilitate precise use 

Proper dosing and targeting should be inherent in the use of the device and multiple forms of feedback need to be incorporated to reduce ambiguity and inconsistency.

"I thought it was normal and something everyone dealt with so I didn't think about seeing a doctor."

"The hardest part is making sure it gets in your eye. The more often you use the drops and the longer you use it, the harder it gets because of your eye reflex."

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