Interaction design studio

Duration: 5 to 14 Oct, 2015
Team: Jiyoung Ko, Nana Choi, Calvin Ryu

Role: Ideation, conceptualization and design direction 

Leafy - Holographic UI


Generating a rapid prototype to propose a disruptive user experience using emerging technologies. 


We aimed to create a service that uses augmented reality to encourage people to be empathetic towards the environment.

Our first step towards this future is a prototype that simulates a ‘screen-less’ augmented reality projection in the same spatial context as the plant.


We used Pepper’s Ghost effect to demonstrate the idea. In the near future, we envision that augmented reality technology will develop beyond the mobile-phone or tablet app or headset display to provide a seamless contextual experience using natural interfaces.

A 'dashboard' view when the plant needs something

The prototyping set up used in the concept video

Changing graphics and audio based on what the gardener does

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