Motion graphics 


'What is synesthesia' is a visualization of an abstract concept. 
I used a combination of live footage and animation and various communication design elements and principles - the use of motion, time, sound and transition to make the concept and causes of synesthesia easier to understand and more accessible.


You can look through the detailed process documentation here.



This poster communicates my conceptual model and experience of the book 'Experience Design 1' by Nathan Shedroff. The book is meant for linear reading as a text book but the form is that of a coffee table book. In the poster, based on my reading of the contents, I superimposed my structure onto the existing order. The spreads in the background allow for viewers' own interpretations of the book.


You can look through the detailed process documentation here.

Narrative design - Observing design


This book describes what visual communication is, to students who are considering it as a specialization. For me, it's more than signs, symbols and logos. Everything that you see communicates something and signifies something other than itself if you think about it long enough. 



The idea behind the project is not just give a clinical definition visual communication but to provide a narrative that students could relate to. Visual communication is not just about making things look pretty but also about observation, perception and interpretation and the synthesis of text and image.

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