Design Research - Research through design

As a design researcher, I study the interaction between people and tools, physical and digital to understand how tools shape our behavior and how they might be redesigned to shape desired behaviors and preferred futures for people and society. A significant part of my work has focussed on employee experiences and workplace services and tools. I've also been part research efforts resulting in design recommendations for a new kind of vehicle category, and medication dispensing devices.


My approach to human-centered research is contextual inquiry to delve deep into people's lived experiences, and a more participatory design approach involving guided co-creation. My experience as an interaction designer and a visual communication designer gives me a unique perspective on research that goes beyond the academic and theoretical, to tangible design ideas that are practical and solution-oriented. Outcomes of my research include overarching design principles tied to human insights, and also journey maps, screen flows, information architecture, wireframes, and design prototypes. Projects, like those focused on the digital aspects of interaction, involve a rigorous process of testing and validating with users in sprints or phases of ideation, design, and development.


As a design researcher, I also facilitate workshops among customers and stakeholders to bring about shared visions for the future. I engage with end customers of services and products we're looking to design, through one on one sessions or in groups, typically involving an interview, ideation, and co-creative activities. Through the course of leading and running projects, I have employes and adapted many different methods to fit the focus and purpose of the particular study. 

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