Data visualization


Designing an interactive visualization of my eating patterns. Here's the browser-based prototype.

This project was about crafting visual and temporal representations of data that communicate information, especially the emerging patterns. I wanted to figure out exactly how unhealthy my changing diet is. Whenever I move to a new place, my diet changes dramatically. I love good food but it’s not always top priority. The relationship between my work hours and the amount (and type) of food I eat is very erratic. I was hoping that visualizing the pattern would motivate me to eat healthier. Unfortunately, a semester later, I think it's still the same.


I also included benchmark diets as points of reference. But it serves a more critical role - Is the Atkins, Zone or Detox diet really sensible? Comparing the recommended diet to to my actual diet serves to critique both diets simultaneously.


Have a look at my design process here.


Data visualization - Haiti Chok


Creating a data visualization based installation and poster to raise awareness of mental illness in Haiti.

After the earthquake, the people of Haiti had to deal with mental problems due to the loss of their homes and families. 

Haitian culture doesn’t acknowledge mental illness so they had limited facilities to address it. This led to a high suicide rate in the period just after the earthquake. We needed to do something to help Haiti emotionally.  


We wanted to use data to raise awareness about mental illness in Haiti and motivate Danes in the small town of Kolding to donate to the cause. 


Our installation consisted of four stages 
1. The poster inviting the residents of Kolding to a Balloon Installation

2. Tags on the installation with information on what the installation is

3. Physically enagaging with the 'data' to create new meaning

4. A poster that visualizes the problem concretely


Engaging with the balloons and playing an active, albeit symbolic, role in transforming the situation resonated with the audience and encouraged many people to donate.



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