Duration: 8 months - Jan to Aug 2012
Team: Mihika S, Rohan G, Shreesh B; Advisors - Girish P, Balaji P
Role: Lead designer, project management and planning, conducting research and creating scenarios
Future of education, health and entertainment


Building conceptual models of 4G applications that address entertainment, health and entertainment requirements of a rural community.


Intel wanted to introduce 4G technologies and needed to know what services could be offered in the social and cultural milieu of rural India. Against the backdrop of Millennium Development Goals and the realities of limited resources, large distributed populations, and cultural diversity we found that addressing inequality in health and education was particularly significant.

Phase 1: Secondary Research


Gaining an understanding of social dynamics of rural India and the limits of present technologies in serving these populations. 
Gaining insight into attitudes towards health, education, entertainment and technology.

Phase 2: Ideation


Brainstorming ideas, developing their value propositions, sorting them based on competitive feature analysis and building scenarios.

Phase 3: Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Design ethnography

Understanding the users and context. A village near Bangalore was identified and participants were recruited based on demographic segmentation.


Quantitative research
A research company was employed to profile the residents of villages in terms of demographics and lifestyle. The face-to-face interviews were conducted with a semi-structured questionnaire.

Phase 4: Concept development


Concepts related to education and health were confined by the perception of the existing systems and concepts for entertainment were more demanding of alternatives. The survey results incorporated into concept building; a second round of ideation and storyboarding was conducted.


Phase 5: Concept validation and feed forward research

The concepts and scenarios were presented to particular participants in a village near Delhi who had responded to the earlier quantitative research.

Phase 6 : Refining concepts and presentation

Third round of ideation and defining concepts in greater detail. Incorporating feedback into the storyboards and final presentation to Intel.

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